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The benefits of a wireless parking system

The benefits of a wireless parking system

Going wireless and ticketless saves time, money and increases revenues. 

Smart Parking Technologies is disrupting the carparking industry with Technoso range comprehensive, cloud-based, wireless, and ticketless carparking solutions for modern cities.

Planning a conventional carpark requires careful consideration of the ticketing system and dispensing infrastructure. In conventional PARCS systems, each ticketing terminal must communicate with the others via cables. This infrastructure is expensive to install and becomes an inflexible burden if the parking space needs to be reconfigured or repurposed.

Technoso’s range, wireless solutions eliminate these costs by situating all the necessary hardware in a single server kit, usually located inside the exit terminal. This ‘black box’ gathers data such as license plate images, time in the the car park, applied parking fee, etc. and uploads it to the cloud, where it is stored and retrieved at exit to bill the carpark user. The operating system is also 100% cloud-based, and the server kit communicates with it via a GSM Dual-SIM system with built-in failsafe redundancy. Ethernet cable connection is available for use in areas of no signal, such as in particular basement parking lots, and can also provide additional redundancy in the unlikely event of a multi-network GSM failure. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology ensures the continued function of every component of the system in the event of a power outage.

Not only is hardwired infrastructure expensive, but it also takes time to install. Using Technoso’s range wireless system, many more installations can be done in a shorter time frame.  Moreover, the system retains its flexibility into the future. If for example the site is relocated, the system can be removed and reinstalled at the new location in no time flat. This is of particular benefit in the case of short-term leased parking spaces or for temporary ‘pop-up’ parking lots.

Going wireless returns other savings, too. Traditional car park operational model requires an on-site control centre. Building, staffing and maintaining this facility is again time consuming and adds to the implementation expense. Our wireless system allows running several or potentially several hundred parking lots from a single remote management centre, which can be located anywhere in the world, thereby reducing construction and staffing costs.

Reliable, secure, and future-proof. 

Our cloud-based management system provides real-time live images of vehicles in the parking facility, and barriers can be controlled from anywhere in the world by using the PalGate mobile app. The operating system is automatically updated in real time. Data is more secure in the cloud and less vulnerable to hacking. It is secured via encrypted VPNs and remains stored in the cloud for years. This creates a valuable resource for carpark owners that can be used for marketing purposes and for future planning of carpark infrastructure.

Ticketless systems are leaner and greener.

While going wireless has many advantages, so too does going ticketless. These consumables, along with the ink needed to print them, are expensive and are easily lost or discarded inappropriately, adding to the litter burden on the environment.

The printing hardware is notoriously unreliable, adding to on-going maintenance, restocking and repair costs. The Technoso range ticketless system completely eliminates these non-recyclable consumables. Even with the Ticket-recycle system, in the rare event that a license plate cannot be read by our AI-powered LPR cameras, the driver is issued a PVC card (via our ticket-recycle entrance terminal), which can be used to record parking time and pay the fee. These cards are reusable up to hundreds of times and are 100% recyclable. Also, being physically more substantial than paper, they are less likely to be accidentally discarded or lost as with paper tickets.

The cost of collecting revenue is massively reduced by going ticketless. Our research shows that, say, for a carpark with four lanes, one POF terminal and traffic of 2,000 cars/day, the maintenance cost saving alone is 75% over conventional paper ticket systems.

Seamless, simple, speedy.

The benefits of going wireless with Technoso system range also accrue to the carpark user. Unlike other systems, Technoso’s system allows for flexible connectivity with any standard method of payment- the customer can nominate which platform they wish to use to pay for parking. With Technoso, parking lot congestion decreases, and customer satisfaction increases.

The time to go wireless is now.

Technoso’s cloud-based, wireless system is 30% cheaper and 70% more efficient than any competing system. This, along with the environmental benefits of going ticketless, and the improved user experience that our system guarantees, means the time to go wireless and ticketless with Technoso is now.