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Innovative today will become the norm and the expectation tomorrow. We are ready for the future.

With over 15 years of experience in the car park management industry, the owners of Smart Parking Technologies bring a wealth of knowledge acquired from every aspect, ranging from acquisition and financing to day-to-day operations and multimillion investment project management on behalf of clients and landlords.

Having held senior roles and operated as car park operators for many years, we recognized a crucial missing link between car park management equipment manufacturers/software developers and those using the systems daily. Identifying that existing car park management systems struggled to keep pace with evolving technologies and changing consumer behaviors, we observed their limitations in scalability and adaptability to new technical demands.

Frequently facing situations where equipment fell short of expected performance and unable to deliver our innovative parking products, Smart Parking Technologies was founded to bridge this gap. Drawing on our in-depth understanding of car parking operations, we actively engage with hardware and software developers, propelling parking technologies and products to new heights.

Our Vision:

In an ever-changing world, where business practices, customer behaviors, and expectations evolve, our vision is rooted in future-proofing the technologies we employ today. Our cloud-based, always online, and constantly updated technology is designed to adapt seamlessly to new and innovative products and service requirements. This approach enables car park operators to experience smooth, remote operation 24/7, facilitating substantial savings for our clients.

Our design and functionality prioritize serving customers and clients at all times, eliminating paper tickets, receipts, and queuing at pay stations. Leveraging technology such as number plate recognition, vehicle detection, and in-lane contactless payment solutions, we make parking easy, efficient, and fast, setting the standard for today's innovation and tomorrow's expectation.

Our Goals:

At Smart Parking Technologies, our goal is to ensure our clients thrive in the parking business by delivering premium services. As your parking technology experts with direct access to the technology builders, we offer a one-stop shop for everything needed to succeed in the parking business. Our unwavering support underscores our commitment to your success in this dynamic industry.

Sincerely yours,

Aldis Kazakevics