Custom Formulations

Your custom formula is easier to build than you may think. Whether you’re a store owner who wants a specific amino acid profile, a gym owner looking to increase profits, or an established brand distributed all over the web with a formula you need to have reverse engineered, we have a solution for you! The word “can’t” is not in our vocabulary because we are experts are building formulas that meet your budget, nutritional, and taste requirements. Simply fill out our quote request form indicating your budget, timeline, nutritional requirements, packaging, and flavour selections.

Once you define your product needs, you will receive a product proposal package consisting of a price quote (valid for 15 days), customized nutrition facts, and product samples for your approval free of charge. We offer 3 rounds of complimentary product optimization to tailor your flavour profile to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your product specifications.

We maintain a variety of ingredients, flavours, sweeteners, and supplements in our warehouse stock at all times. If you are seeking to create a formula that requires an ingredient that is not on the list, your account manager will inform you of the lead time and minimum order necessary to source and stock your custom ingredient. Keep in mind that any ingredient can be sourced and we have developed numerous specialty flavours, proprietary blends, and unique flavour profiles based on our clients specific needs.

Stock Ingredients

Flavour Options

A variety of seasonal and specialty flavors are available upon request. The sky is the limit when it comes to your product’s taste-any combination of the flavors listed below is available. We also stock an array of natural color additives to add some pizzazz to your products!

* Available in natural
** All formulas created are proprietary and remain the property of Shannon Protein Technologies.

Our core strength at Shannon Protein Technologies lies in our ability to expertly build your product concepts and reverse engineer your target formulas into real products that can be ready to manufacture in as few as 4 weeks.